Is aging in place becoming increasingly difficult for you? Whether you are unable to make it in time for an early morning doctor’s appointment or struggle to navigate your way to a far-flung brunch spot, these are annoying inconveniences that make life a lot less enjoyable. When you relocate to Regency Pointe, our transportation services will make traveling an easy, hassle-free process.

About Our Senior Living Transportation Services

Stay connected and on the go with our Connections Transportation services. Need to visit the doctor, the restaurant, or the park? Feel like spending the day strolling around? Make use of your scheduled transportation program and rely on the expertise of our professional drivers to take you wherever you need to go. Not only is it completely free, you no longer have to worry about vehicle ownership and upkeep. Refer to the schedule for regular schedule trips to neighboring areas, or if you need to go to a specific location, call the Concierge Services Desk a few days in advance, and we will ensure that your journey is smooth and punctual.

Benefits of Having Senior Living Transportation Services in Your Retirement Community

Why worry about the nitty-gritty details when you can just leave them to us and spend your golden years doing the things you love? Some benefits of our chauffeured transportation services include:

  • Never need to worry about being overcharged for a taxi ride
  • Never be late for a medical appointment or visit to your healthcare provider
  • Being able to plan day trips with friends and family without worrying about transportation and potential costs

When Should You Consider Moving into a Retirement Community?

If living alone limits you from accessing enjoyable activities and necessary services, it is high time you consider making the move to our senior living community at Regency Pointe. Why let obstacles prevent you from taking advantage of all that your retirement life has to offer? Our friendly concierge team is accessible around the clock to attend to your every request, allowing you to live life worry-free while enjoying the benefits of having your needs taken care of. When you don’t have to worry about traveling to and from appointments, you are free, mentally and emotionally, to pursue your interests and do what makes you happy.

Why Choose Regency Pointe’s Retirement Community?

Our senior living community in Regency Pointe has excellent amenities tailored to the leisure, socialization, and personal wellness and development of every resident. The services offered are flexible and can be catered towards specific individual needs. Situated near the peaceful Coosa River in Rainbow City, Alabama, Regency Pointe offers a resort-style senior living of premier quality. Residents can enjoy also delight in the multitude of shopping, dining, and sightseeing options in the nearby Gadsden and other surrounding areas, and immerse themselves in Alabama’s up-and-coming arts and culture scene. Regency Pointe provides the ideal backdrop for the wonderfully convenient retirement lifestyle the aged adults of today wholeheartedly deserve.

To learn more about living in Regency Pointe, feel free to contact us today.