Do you enjoy sharing stories, experiences, and recommendations with friends? Want to make the most out of your experience at a senior living community? You’ll love being a part of Ambassadors Club, our referral program at Regency Pointe. Gain rewards by spreading the word and referring people who decide to join our community as residents.

About Our Senior Living Referral Program

Here at Regency Pointe, we want our residents to feel valued and appreciated, and so the Senior Living Ambassadors Club was established. We love when our residents sing praises about our community, so we reward them for referring their friends to us. This referral program is constantly being promoted, and residents who participate actively are recognized and rewarded.

Benefits of Having Senior Living Referral Program in Your Retirement Community

Residents who point their friends in the direction of Regency Pointe will be rewarded with rent credits each time an individual they’ve referred joins our senior living community. But that’s not all! You will get to enjoy a host of incredible Ambassador benefits, including parties, special events, bonuses, and fun goodies. Having a referral program allows the community to grow and flourish. New residents who have already formed relationships with existing residents will be able to get acclimatized to their new homes. Ambassadors Club members also become more confident and encouraged, knowing that they are contributing to the community, and embark on journeys towards personal growth.

When Should You Consider Moving into a Retirement Community?

Our senior living community will appeal to active adults who are interested to spend their golden years leading a fulfilling and comfortable lifestyle. Here at Regency Pointe, there are tons of opportunities for residents to socialize and form long-lasting friendships with like-minded individuals. No one should feel lonely or bored in their retirement years. Regency Pointe provides an environment for retirees to thrive and be their best selves. Even if you require assistance with daily activities or are dealing with memory-related conditions, you can still lead an enriching and hassle-free life, as our team of professionals will handle all the necessary matters so that you can sit back and focus on yourself.  Our exclusive senior living programs are tailored towards individuals with all sorts of needs and preferences, and we treat each and every resident with compassion and care.

Why Choose Regency Pointe’s Retirement Community?

Regency Pointe’s referral program is one of the best in the industry, with its resident appreciation parties, paid incentives, housewarming events, gifts, and many more. Combined with the stylish amenities, convenient services, and warm living spaces we offer, there is no reason why you shouldn’t make the move into our senior living community! Regency Pointe is also situated near the tranquil Coosa River and picturesque parks in Rainbow City, Alabama, and gives residents access to not only plenty of entertainment and dining opportunities, but also nature walks and sightseeing options. You will definitely have the best of both worlds here.

To learn more about living in Regency Pointe, feel free to contact us today.