We at Regency Pointe are well aware of the challenges faced by individuals dealing with cognitive impairment and memory-related conditions. Our nationally acclaimed SHINE® Memory Care program utilizes a person-centered approach based on scientific principles to help individuals recover their confidence and self-esteem.

Our SHINE® Memory Care Program provides residents with day-to-day care and rehabilitation in a secure yet welcoming environment. Residents have a host of physically, mentally, and socially stimulating activities to choose from. From delicious chef-prepared meals to unique productivity programs, your loved one is sure to enjoy their stay at Regency Pointe.

About Our Senior Respite Care

Our respite care program enables your loved ones to experience a short-term stay in our community. This is an ideal arrangement for primary caregivers who will be unavailable for a period of time, to ensure that individuals in their care are safe and have all the support they need. Aged adults who require daily assistance at home can join our community for a few days or weeks while their caregiver is away.

Professional respite care at Regency Pointe provides round-the-clock support and care, including medical care if required, in a secure memory care neighborhood. It is a lifestyle choice that allows for convenience and contentment. Your loved one can enjoy amenities including a fully furnished suite, housekeeping and laundry, delectable chef-prepared meals, access to community events and activities, and 24/7 rehabilitation and care services from skilled nurses, medical providers, and therapists. They can receive their scheduled medical care and/or physical therapy just as if they were in their normal home environment.

Benefits of Having Senior Respite Care in Your Retirement Community

Families and caregivers take great pleasure in providing care for their loved ones in the comfort of home. However, without some form of temporary support from time to time, it can take a physical and mental toll on the caregiver. This might also have a detrimental impact on the caregiver’s other relationships. Respite care gives the family caregiver an opportunity to take a break, which strengthens their overall wellbeing while ensuring that the individual receiving care has a positive and enriching experience. Respite care within our Memory Care program allows short-term residents to receive holistic and customized care from our highly qualified and experienced team members who undergo regular training in a safe environment.

When Should You Consider Moving into a Retirement Community?

If you or your loved one has been diagnosed with a memory-related condition or/and caregivers are no longer able to provide care, making the move might be the best decision. Residential communities with specialized memory care programs cater towards individuals dealing with dementia, Alzheimer’s, and other memory-related conditions. Certified nurses and staff members administer round-the-clock personal and medical care, and residents have plenty of opportunities for socialization and personal development.

Why Choose Regency Pointe’s Retirement Community?

Regardless of your loved one’s needs and capabilities, our team at Regency Pointe is on hand to provide personalized care and an enriching community experience. Located near the Coosa River in Rainbow City, Alabama, the picturesque Regency Pointe is the destination for tranquil retirement living. Residents have access to parks, shopping, dining, and entertainment options, and emerging art and culture scene in Alabama. We are dedicated to providing the incredible retirement lifestyle they thoroughly deserve.

To learn more about living in Regency Pointe, feel free to contact us today.