Our Retirement Community is Nationally Recognized for Our Approach to Memory Care


We at Regency Pointe have a deep understanding of the difficulties that individuals with cognitive impairment are faced with. In our SHINE® Memory Care community, your loved one will be guided through a voyage of self-discovery with care and love. Our highly trained and certified nurses and their assistants, who continually undergo special training to keep their skillset updated, will arrange this learning adventure that covers all of the important bases pertaining to life. Our program serves to bring rehabilitation and stability to your loved one, and to help them regain what they may have lost to their condition.

Our secure memory care neighborhood includes:

  • Individualized care programs for your loved one
  • Comfortable, 12-suite enclave
  • Three delicious chef-prepared meals served daily
  • Snacks provided throughout the day
  • Care managers on site 24 hours a day
  • Nursing personnel oversees medications and RN consultant
  • Assistance with bathing, dressing and grooming
  • Weekly housekeeping and personal laundry services
  • Daily, stimulating activities
  • All utilities included (except phone)

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What Exactly Is a Senior Memory Care Community?

We at Regency Pointe are extremely glad to extend our SHINE® Memory Care program to those in need. The curriculum of the program has been awarded with a national Certificate of Recognition by the Alzheimer’s Association®, the nation’s most prominent institution specializing in research and care for Alzheimer’s.  One of the few programs with national recognition, SHINE® takes a unique and individualized method in memory care that utilizes science to increase understanding, engagement, and quality of life for your loved ones afflicted with dementia or various other conditions related to memory. Within the community of SHINE® Memory Care, there will be experienced team members who provide care that is holistic and understanding.

SHINE® Senior Living Memory Care at Regency Pointe

Rediscover Confidence, Personal Autonomy, and Self-Worth

Regency Pointe’s SHINE® Memory Care program makes a practice of the following:

  • Stimulating sharpness of the mind, encouraging bodily exercise, and making in effort to keep on touch with others
  • Placing emphasis on residents’ talents rather than inadequacies
  • Encouraging an active role in diurnal activities
  • Honoring every success, no matter how small

Discover Delicious Dining

At our SHINE® Memory Care community, we also provide:

  • Healthful meals that encourage a wholesome lifestyle
  • Active socialization in dining settings, with assistance if it is required
  • A quiet, serene dining setting and smooth service at regular times, which lets residents concentrate on their meals

Discover Fun and Stimulating Activities

We know that an active mind is a healthy mind. To this end, Regency Pointe offers:

  • Goal-oriented activities one-to-one and in a group format
  • Activities which are personalized to the capabilities of each resident
  • Activities and games that are age-adjusted and in which everyone is a winner
  • Opportunities constructed based on the preferences of each resident

Arguably, the most vital part of our memory care program is a feeling of community and belonging. Our SHINE® program comprises:

  • Proactive support with activities which encourage self-sufficiency
  • Work and productivity programs that engender feelings of personal accomplishment and a healthy level of self-esteem
  • Time for play and leisure that encourages enjoyment and camaraderie

What Makes Our Memory Care Program Special

Memory Care Badge

Our premier SHINE® Memory Care program is an adventure of self-discovery, where one rediscovers self-sufficiency, self-worth, self-assurance, enjoyment, fun, belonging, and camaraderie. This is accomplished with an emphasis on:

  • Communication – A high-quality protocol for communication serves as to foster tight bonds between residents, their families, and care providers.
  • High-quality Training – Every member of the SHINE® team undergoes special holistic training which will qualify them to provide the best possible care.
  • My Story – A handmade book named My Story is utilized on a daily basis as a part of the program and increases engagement with the residents by honoring their life and their personhood.
  • Dining – The dining program is founded upon scientific methods that can be used to increase appetite, alertness, socialization, and active participation.
  • Life Enhancement – Goal-oriented enrichment via one-to-one and group activities, experiences that engage all of the senses, and moments of peace and calm.
  • Neighborhood Design – Carefully designed, taking into consideration security and safety, health, convenience, and contentment.

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We promise that your loved ones will be taken care of in the best possible way. To better inform yourself on our memory care program, please reach out to us. We would love to converse with you about your loved one’s individual senior living preferences and needs.

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