Have you thought about making the move to a senior living community but are hesitant to commit until you know what life is like there? We have a solution for you! Here at Regency Pointe, our exclusive senior living program offers a satisfaction guarantee that has the best interests of new residents in mind. This guarantee ensures that you can embark on your new life without any worries, knowing that you will not deal with any penalties should you decide that it’s not suited for you during the first 90 days.

About Our Satisfaction Guarantee

This guarantee is offered at Regency Pointe as we are sure you will be satisfied with life here. Feel free to get acquainted with living in your new home, and take advantage of our extensive range of amenities and services. However, if you are not completely satisfied with your stay for any reason at all, let us know within the first 90 days. You will not be tied down to the terms of your lease, and your community fee will be refunded under no terms and conditions. This is how confident we are that you are going to fall in love with your new life at Regency Pointe!

Benefits of Having Satisfaction Guarantee in Your Senior Living Community

A 100% satisfaction guarantee allows you as a new resident to reap many benefits, including:

  • Taking time to experience life in our senior living community without having to make an immediate decision – just like clothes shopping, you try before you buy
  • Having the flexibility and independence to make your own decision, armed with the necessary expertise, experience, and information required
  • Understanding that our friendly and dedicated team will never rush you into making a decision until you’ve had a chance to give our senior living experience a try

When Should You Consider Moving into a Senior Living Community?

Many have considered making the move to a senior living community, but some have refrained due to the commitment they have to make. It’s difficult to tell whether a community is right for you solely based on a two-day tour, and you may be concerned about being legally bound to a contract regardless of whether you find the experience suitable for you or not. Regency Pointe’s 100% satisfaction guarantee gives you the best of both worlds. Within the first 90 days, you can try out our unique senior living programs free from tie-ins or obligations.

Why Choose Regency Pointe?

Regency Pointe has everything you or your loved one may need in order to live out your golden years in comfort and relaxation. Situated near the tranquil Coosa River in Rainbow City, Alabama, Regency Pointe is the spot for retirement living. From access to a plethora of entertainment, dining, and sightseeing options to stylish amenities, living, and communal spaces, we have all you need. You can rest assured knowing that you will be satisfied!

To learn more about living in Regency Pointe, feel free to contact us today.