Are you or a loved one considering making the move to a senior living community? Is it the right decision to make? Take this Senior Lifestyle Quiz to find out whether community living and which kind, is best for you or your loved one.

Are you looking for a senior living community for yourself or a loved one? If it is for a loved one, it is beneficial if they can be present while you continue with this quiz, even if it is via video chat or over the phone. If they are unavailable, and you are aware of their needs, take this quiz on their behalf.

Q: Can you drive, does a family member or service drive you sometimes, or do you no longer drive (or do not wish to drive) at all?

Q: Do you do your own shopping, get assistance from a family member or service, or is it all handled by others?

Q: Do you handle your own housekeeping (laundry, cleaning, maintenance), or are you assisted by family or a service, or is it completely left to someone else? If you are doing it on your own, is it adequate?

Q: Do you prepare your own meals (but prefer not to) or rely on prepackaged meals and/or have assistance? Something else to consider if this is on behalf of your loved one: If they do prepare their own meals, do they still appear hungry, malnourished, or have they lost a lot of weight, etc.? If so, they may not be fulfilling their daily nutritional quotas.

Q: Do you tend to all your personal hygiene (bathing, grooming, dressing) needs? Do you have assistance from a family member or service? Or is your personal hygiene handled by someone else or others entirely?

Q: Do you manage and take your own medications, does a family member or service help you (e.g. by setting up your pillbox), or are they managed and administered by family or a service?

Q: If you use a wheelchair, are you able to transfer yourself, can you transfer with the help of someone else, or do you depend on family or a service entirely to transfer you from your wheelchair?

Q: How is your memory? Is it generally consistent with little forgetfulness? Have you been more forgetful than usual as of late? Is there a significant change in your memory for the worst and/or have you been diagnosed with a memory-related condition?

Q: Have you had any difficulty recognizing family and friends and to what extent?

What Level of Senior Care Do I Need

Depending on your answers, some levels of care will be more suitable than others.

  • Independent Living: For relatively active and independent aged adults with little need for assistance
  • Assisted Living: For aged adults who require assistance with daily activities
  • Memory Care: For aged adults dealing with dementia, Alzheimer’s, or a memory-related condition

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