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Ideas to Keep Your Brain Active


Our mind is just like any other muscle in our body – we must continually use it to strengthen it. As we age keeping an active mind might prove more challenging than before. Our mental capabilities can naturally decrease with age especially if we are not actively challenging our minds.

There are many amazing benefits that come from continuing to learn such as memory improvement, sharpening critical thinking and decision-making skills, and even preventing the development of Alzheimer’s and Dementia. Here are a few entertaining ideas you can use to keep yourself mentally fit:

Learn a New Language

Is there a language you have always been interested in learning but never had the chance? There are many cognitive abilities that learning a new language will help sharpen such as memorizing, reading, listening, speaking and writing. Learning a new language will challenge and stimulate your mind and keep it healthy and active. An excellent way to get started is by using Duolingo, a fun language-learning website.

Play a Game

It sounds simple but playing games can give your brain the stimulation it needs to improve memory and function! Choose a challenging game that involves critical thinking such as a crossword puzzle, chess, or a memory card game.

Find a Creative Hobby

There are many studies that have shown art and music to be beneficial for mental health. Activities like drawing, painting, pottery, playing or listing to music, photography, and crafts are relaxing and can lower stress levels. Practicing these relaxing activities on a daily basis can also clear and calm your thoughts.

Read a Book or Article

Many people are aware of wonderful benefits of reading. Reading improves our vocabulary, writing skills, and definitely keeps your mind stimulated. Reading also helps us absorb and retain new information! It is generally recommended that you read for 20 minutes every day. You can also choose to read the newspaper to keep up to date with current events.

Take an Adult Learning Class

It is imperative to be a life-long learner, and learning new things is an ideal way to keep mentally fit. Attending adult learning lectures is a fun and inspiring way to enrich your life mentally. You can find courses in a variety of subjects and select what interests you most! At Regency Pointe, the wellbeing and happiness of our residents are our top priorities. At Regency Pointe we offer many activities that will not only keep you in physical shape but also mental health. Check out our activities calendar to find out what classes are being held! 

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