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How to Win Father's Day: 5 Thoughtful Gift Ideas Everyone Can Pull Off


These gift ideas all cost $100 or less, but may still help you give dad the best and most thoughtful gift this Father’s Day.

We’ve all seen viral videos of celebrities crushing Father’s Day by surprising their dads with a new car or some other over-the-top gift. But assuming a ’69 Chevelle isn’t quite in your price range this year, here are a few, other Father’s Day gift ideas that won’t cost much—$100 or less, let’s say—but may still help you win the sibling rivalry by giving dad the best and most thoughtful gift.  

Make Time for Your Favorite Shared Activity

Fortunately, most dads are pretty simple creatures, and time and sentiment—not just the price tag—goes a long way with them. So think about some good times the two of you shared in years past. Maybe there was an activity you both enjoyed, or that you used to be able to enjoy together more often. That is before things like work, life, children, or health-related items began to get in the way (as they often do).

Perhaps this Father’s Day is just the occasion you need to take dad out for nine or 18 holes of golf at your favorite local course or hit up the top-secret fishing hole you used to be able to frequent a lot more often together. Spending some quality time bringing back fond memories, and hopefully making some new ones, is a great way to show dad the love and appreciation he deserves for all he’s done for you.      

Dig Up Old Photos

Dad may not be the iPhone type, but that doesn’t mean he won’t enjoy looking at some old photos. You know, the kind we used to have to capture on film, then take to the store and wait a couple of days while they were being developed. (How did we ever survive back then?)   

Because every dad loves harkening back to the good, old days, Father’s Day is just the time to check out old, family photos, or even give dad an album you made containing your favorites. The nostalgia and the time and thought that went into making it will more than make up for it not having a fancy, designer name on the label.    

Help Him Turn Back the Clock

It’s sometimes easy to forget that dad was young(er) once, too, and was just as into the social and cultural themes that were all the rage in his day as we are now with whatever we think is cool. With that, you might see if you can come up with old movie posters, books, music, baseball cards, vintage T-shirts, or other items he would’ve loved back then, and will appreciate just as much now.    

Take a Drive Down Memory Lane

With warm weather prevailing across much of the country around Father’s Day, it’s high season for car shows, auto racing, and plenty of other events that attract the gearheads and motor fanatics among us. So if you, like countless others, once shared a love for old muscle cars, motorcycles, exotics, and/or trucks with dad, or you both have an affinity for a particular brand (Ford, Ferrari, etc.), then taking in a race or car show could be the kind of drive down memory lane that will bring you both plenty of fun and nostalgia this Father’s Day.    

And If Ever All Else Fails…There’s Always Food!

Plenty of moms out there are more particular or otherwise harder to buy for, but a dad’s love of life’s simpler pleasures means that the way to his heart may well be through his stomach. So if there’s a certain restaurant and/or dish that revs dad’s engine, well, Father’s Day is a great time to treat him to it.

Maybe there’s a favorite spot he used to bring you or a restaurant he loved to go with your mom for occasional dinners out. Perhaps you have a favorite recipe of his and could surprise him with a home-cooked meal he’ll truly cherish. Just like old photos and videos, familiar food and surroundings elicit fond memories. Throw in his favorite beer, wine, or spirit, and you’ve got all the makings for an evening that’s practically perfect in dad’s humble eyes.   

No matter what activity you decide, remember that the most important thing is being able to spend some quality time with your dad. Regency Pointe has many activities like dining or event options that you and your Father can participate in together. Take a look at our activities calendar for all of our fun events scheduled around Father's Day!

From all of us at Discovery Senior Living to all the dads, we wish you a very Happy Father’s Day!  

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