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Great Valentine’s Day Gift Ideas for Loved Ones


Valentine’s Day is around the corner, which means that couples, moms, dads, grandparents, and friends all around are frantically brainstorming gift ideas.  Contrary to what some may believe – Valentine’s Day is not just a day for couples to show off their “taken” status. It is a celebration of all kinds of love and a time of the year when you can warm the hearts of those around you despite the frigid weather in the air. Sometimes, it can be a struggle to rack your brain for the ideal gift to convey your feelings of love. Instead of patiently waiting for that “ah-ha” moment when they finally determine the perfect gift for their special someone, read our list of gift ideas from obvious to outlandish that are sure to get your creativity flowing:

Classic Gifts

Cliché as they may be, it wouldn’t serve Valentine’s Day any justice to leave out the tried-and-true boxes of chocolate and a dozen roses. Maybe you’ve already noticed the shelves stocked with all the cliché Valentine bounties and rolled your eyes, but to some, the simplicity of a classic gift is what makes this day so special. Pair this with a signed heart-shaped card and your beau is sure to smile.

The Gift of Quality Time

For those friends or family members less enthusiastic about being showered in bouquets and truffles, perhaps gift them with the intangible but invaluable gift of quality time. Certain individuals simply don’t hold as much value in material gifts, and would rather just spend time with you. Is there an old friend you have been meaning to catch up with? Invite them for a stroll around the park or lunch at your local café. Just be cautious: Valentine’s Day is a very popular day for dates, so be sure to lock down a reservation!

A Gift from the Heart

Gifts don’t always have to be expensive or flashy. Something handmade and meaningful can show your loved one that you care, and put thought into their present. Some ideas of heartfelt gifts are handmade items, handwritten notes, a framed photo, or a present that brings back a memory the two of you shared.

The Gift of Food

They say the way to a person’s heart is through their stomach! A batch of Valentine’s themed cookies wrapped in a pretty package would be the sweetest V-day present. Or, you could offer to cook your special friend their favorite meal – and enjoy eating it together.

Gift for the Tech Lover

If your Valentine is always on the latest gadget trends, why not splurge and surprise them with the latest tech toy on the market?  There are always plenty of options available to choose from such as smart home speakers, fitness watches, and wireless headphones.

The Gift of Greenery

We know that many individuals admire receiving flowers on special occasions, especially Valentine’s Day. However, instead of the traditional bouquet of roses, why not gift your special someone a house plant or some potted herbs? Adding some greenery to an apartment is a fantastic way to liven the space up. Succulents and cacti are ideal indoor plants which require minimal upkeep.

The Gift of Experience

Sure, presents are fun to unwrap – but if we’re honest how many gifts go to the wayside after weeks or months? Instead, spend your Valentine’s Day creating memories with the people you love. Score tickets to see a local sporting event, a weekend getaway, or a day trip to a museum. Many communities offer Valentine’s Day themed events, activities, and promotions so check online to see what your town has going on. Your loved one is sure to thank you. If you are looking for an activity to participate in, check out Regency Pointe's Activities Calendar

As the big day approaches, remember that this holiday is most importantly an opportunity to celebrate love and show those you care about that you are thinking of them.

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