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Good Ways to Get Out and Enjoy Some Fun-Filled Summer Days


Remember the kind of excitement we all felt as children whenever summer rolled around? Indeed, the freedom from daily deadlines and responsibility always felt so liberating, like each day was suddenly filled with new possibilities for fun and recreation.

Then, almost inevitably it seems, the adult pressures of work, family, finances, and the like tend to creep in, and we change, losing that passion and child-like excitement. This summer, though, why not take it back? 

Empowered by the nice weather and multitude of summertime activities, there’s plenty of ways to make this summer the same kind of memorable and fun-filled time it used to be. So here’s are just some of our favorite ideas for living your best summer lifestyle…  

See the Boys of Summer        

Pennant races will be heating up across the baseball world as summer draws on, and whether you live in or around a major market, or your hometown team is part of the minor league system, nothing says summertime quite like a day or night at the ballpark.

Look for special ticket pricing for day games, or enjoy Friday and weekend specials like post-game fireworks and free giveaways. Either way, what could be better than taking in a game and treating yourself to ballpark fares like peanuts, hot dogs, or a refreshing, cold beer. It’s a great idea for family outings or just a nice day with the grandkids, so don’t let summer pass without taking in America’s favorite pastime!

Go Get in—or on—the Water

Summer vacation is also a favorite time for heading to the beach, the lake, or maybe just hanging by the pool. Warmer weather means warmer water, so even in varied or temperate climates, summer will afford opportunities to lounge by the water, to get in it, or if you’re so inclined, to get out on a boat to do some fishing, enjoy a sunset and/or dinner cruise, or just explore the beautiful waterfront scenery in your area.

Be sure to take precautions, of course, like wearing plenty of sunscreens and proper footwear to prevent slipping on the deck. But especially if summer represents your only chance to enjoy water-based activities, take any and every chance you get to live it up in or on the water.   

Enjoy outdoor theater and concerts

Check out the upcoming events and attractions in your area this time of year and you’re likely to see plenty happening in and around area parks, downtown areas, amphitheaters, and other outdoor venues. Summer, after all, is high time for all those Shakespeare in the Park and Jazz on the Green events that seem to be happening everywhere this time of year. That’s in addition to countless street festivals, concerts, and much more.

These types of events often occur weekly throughout the summer, making it easier for individuals and groups to establish a regular, say, Thursday activity. So music fans, theater buffs, avid readers, or just folks eager to try out some new things, definitely take advantage of any number of outdoor offerings happening during these summer months.

Browse a Local Farmer’s Market

“Go fruit or veggie picking” is a perennial favorite among recommended summertime activities. And if that’s up your alley, then, by all means, have at it. But if you’d rather leave the hard work to others, while you just stroll around leisurely, maybe sample some eclectic food truck offerings, browse handmade arts and crafts, and take home any number of things that you like, then why not hit the local farmer’s market instead?

This popular daytime activity may be biggest on Saturdays, but again, check your local event listings and you’re likely to find some happening during the week as well. Show up with your appetite and some cash; just don’t be surprised to be heading home without either by the time you’re finished.     

Try Gardening and/or Photography

Among the more popular outdoor activities for seniors are gardening and photography, both of which are more fit for summer weather. Experts cite the physical, mental, and therapeutic benefits of both, but in many cases, there’s a convenience factor as well because they can be done at home or very close.

For starters, think about a single plant or planter box, and be creative and diligent in building and maintaining it. Likewise, getting started in photography can be as simple as capturing flowers and other objects, or walking around the community and capturing nature scenes and/or wildlife. Either way, the more pleasant summer weather makes for a safer and more enjoyable experience.    

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