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Downsizing a Home: Tips for a Stress-Free Move


We all know that moving can be a demanding time in our lives. Downsizing can help guide your life away from stress, disorganization, and the attachment to unnecessary items. Before you begin decluttering, you might feel overwhelmed and be wondering “where do I start?” and you may even feel like there’s no way you will ever be able to move out or organize all of your belongings. Follow our checklist to ensure your downsizing is efficient and tension free:


Break Up the Tasks

You may feel overwhelmed by the thought of decluttering your entire house. However, if you start with just one hour a day, the tasks appear less daunting! Make a list of different areas of your home that you would like declutter such as the bedroom closets, kitchen drawers, or bathrooms. Then, for one hour each day work on that specific area. Take breaks when you get tired and don’t burn yourself out. Put on some music and have some fun!

Make Decisions Mindfully

As you are deciding what to keep and what to give away ask yourself a few questions: When was the last time I used this? Is this easily replaced? Are you holding onto something “just in case”? Decluttering your possessions can give you the freedom and ability to have more time for activities, friendships, and meaningful moments.

Give Things Away

Consider hosting a garage sale or let friends and family come over and see which belongings they would like to take as they help you pack. It will feel nice to know that your former possessions will be going to good use. Everything you don’t sell or giveaway to friends you can give to charities such as Goodwill or The Salvation Army. You can even donate dried goods and canned food items to local soup kitchens, food banks, and shelters.

Create a Photo Album

Often times we are hesitant to throw out or donate items due to their sentimental value, even if they no longer have a use for us. While you are packing, why not create a photo album of all the memories you have with different special items? On the back of the photo, you can write why this object is special to you. This will be an entertaining activity while you organize, and also help you downsize.

Create an “Essentials” Bag

Place items you will need on the first day at your new home in a designated bag. Things like toiletries, pajamas, clothes, prescriptions, cleaning supplies, and anything else you might need before you are done unpacking!

Many people worry that they will lose memories and items they love while downsizing. However, the truth is we don’t really need everything we own. A more organized and less cluttered living space will leave more time for activities we love such as spending time with friends and hobbies. Our active senior apartments at Regency Pointe are stylish, maintenance-free and perfectly suited for active seniors who want to live in an amenity-rich community.

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