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Day Trip Ideas for Seniors


A day at home is cozy and quiet – but some days you get the urge to stretch your legs and explore the world! Visiting somewhere new is exciting and stimulating, and can be very beneficial as we begin aging. For many seniors, exploring is just as important now as it ever has been, however health conditions may be limiting the options for excursions. Here are some of our ideas to help a senior get out of the house!


  • State & National Parks

Every state in the U.S. has natural beauty in one way or another. Research some parks in your area to see what is nearby! Visiting a national park is a wonderful way to connect with nature, sightsee the outdoors, learn some history, and relax.

  • Local Museums & Historic Buildings

Museums are a perfect way to spend the day – rain or shine. A museum can be a fun activity to study history, appreciate art, or learn fascinating facts!

  • Brunch & Movie

An enjoyable way to spend the day out of the house is by going out to eat and then watching a film! Pick a favorite breakfast or lunch spot to eat and chat, and then enjoy a matinee!

  • Arts & Crafts

There have been many studies that show creativity promotes healthy aging. Attend a painting or pottery class to tap into your artsy side! Many classes are all about having a good time, no experience required.

  • Shopping Trip

If you have some items on your shopping list then this day trip will kill two birds with one stone! Hit the local mall, or if it’s a nice day, stroll around the outlet stores.


When you need to get out and about, our professional drivers at Regency Pointe will get you there with our complimentary Connections Transportation service! Check the schedule for regular trips or make a request at the Concierge Services Desk and we will get you to where you need to go! At Regency Pointe, our residents’ happiness and wellness is our top priority, and we are proud to be able to assist you to get to your destinations!

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