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Are My Parents Safe to Age at Home?



If you have aging parents who live at home, you may have found yourself taking care of the people who once so lovingly cared for you. However, with care comes the concern for your parents’ safety. If your mom or dad lives alone, it may be time to consider: What would happen if they fell? Had a stroke? How fast could I be there to help? It is important to evaluate your parents living situation to determine whether it is too dangerous for them to be living on their own.

Here are a few signs that your parents might not be entirely safe living at home:

Recurrent Falls

If you notice bruising or marks on your mom or dad, falls are likely to be the cause. Have you been receiving calls from your parents that they have slipped and fell within their home? Maybe you even had to show up at the doctor’s office or hospital, due to an accident they had. Even frequent spills and breaking items can be indicators of poor coordination and strength.  A fall at home alone can be extremely dangerous to a senior with limited mobility and no one around to help them. Falls can injure the hips, knees, spine, or pelvis and lead to further complications. Our Dimension Wellness program helps our residents gain more strength and coordination through routine check-ups and exercise programs.

Worsening Sight and Hearing

Worsening eyesight and hearing are a common condition of aging, but if it is causing your parents to have a more difficult quality of life, it is worth examining. If you have noticed your parents’ home becoming more disorganized, poor eyesight can be the cause. If they can no longer read their medication labels, or hear health care providers on the phone, it may be time to consider an independent, assisted living, or memory care community.

Slipping Physical Appearance

Declining personal hygiene and appearance are two warnings that your parents are struggling to take care of themselves on a day-to-day basis. If you notice that your mom or dad isn’t looking as put together as usual, this could be an indication of deteriorating health or mobility, and could be worth investigating.

Missed Appointments

Whether your parents never showed up for that dinner you planned two weeks ago, or you are receiving concerned phone calls from their friends, missing appointments can be a red flag. Your mom or dad could have been confused and forgot the date, or not felt confident enough to leave the house unassisted. A missed dinner might not seem like a significant issue, but a missed medical appointment could have heavier consequences. Start a conversation with your parents and examine their reasoning for these missed dates. You may find that it’s time they need a little extra help to make their appointments.

A suggestion to leave home is never an easy conversation to have. Try taking your parents to senior living events, lunches, or to visit their friends who already living in a senior community to see how they respond to the idea. Regency Pointe understands the challenges that accompany considering moving to a senior living community. We have helped hundreds of families in very similar situations navigate this decision process, and we welcome the opportunity to be the same support for you. We offer a variety of different lifestyle options so that all of our residents are safe, happy, and active. If you related to some of these signs and believe your parents may not be safe at home, visit to learn more today.

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