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7 Ways for Seniors to Enjoy Spring Weather


The arrival of spring is a special thrill, especially after a particularly messy winter. There is nothing better in springtime than to go outside and enjoy the mild temperatures and the bright, budding flowers. Everyone, at every age in life, should find ways to experience spring first-hand. At Regency Pointe Senior Living, the walking paths constantly beckon residents to partake in the pleasantries offered by nature.

The following are seven ideas for enjoying springtime:

  1. Golfing - Many seniors enjoy golfing. It’s hard to beat a leisurely stroll on beautiful courses, while trying to hit the ball into the hole. Whether handicap in golf is high or low, it really doesn’t matter. Get out there and enjoy golf this spring, taking the time to smell the flowers along the way.
  2. Bicycling - Bicycling is easy on the knees and a good choice for many seniors who enjoy outdoor exercise. A bicycle ride is a low-impact aerobics sport and is as fun at 60 as it was at 6.
  3. Walking - Most seniors are aware that walking is so good for oneself that it’s the only exercise many partake in. Simply taking lengthy walks can be the secret to weight loss, which is good for those who need to shed a few pounds. Walking is a beneficial activity for everyone who has the mobility. There is no better way to enjoy the beauties of spring than by going on a slow and peaceful stroll.
  4. Playing Games - Some people enjoy playing checkers or chess. Playing these types of games provides a type of mental exercise that helps to keep minds sharp at any age. There is a good possibility that at a park in your area, board games are planned at certain times. If they aren’t, just organize a game yourself.
  5. Fishing - Fishing is fun for people of every age and also for those that have limited mobility. Grab a pole and some bait and head to the nearest fishing pier, beach, or lake for a great time in the sun.
  6. Bird Watching - Watching birds is a beloved activity for millions across the globe. Whether watching feathered creatures in a nearby birdhouse or looking for birds at a distance through binoculars, bird watching is a fun way to enjoy nature.
  7. Flying a Kite - Even if a younger person is needed to coax a kite into flight, kite flying is an outside activity that people of every age and every level of mobility can enjoy.

Whatever your favorite open-air activities are, be sure to go outside and get in on springtime fun. Visit Regency Pointe to experience the beauty of a luxurious senior-living community during springtime!

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