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3 Senior Focused New Year’s Resolutions


It’s a new year and New Year’s resolutions are top of mind. Whether they are resolutions to be healthier, achieve a better work/life balance, or to save more money and spend less, it might seem daunting.  New Year’s resolutions can be difficult to implement and stick with especially if they are radical, life-changing goals. However, by setting smaller goals it can be easier to attain them throughout the year. Many seniors enjoy their set routines and can benefit immensely from these three easy resolutions that will allow them to take small steps towards a better self in the New Year.


Volunteering is an easy and achievable New Year’s resolution. There are many different ways to give back and it doesn’t have to be monetarily.  According to a recent report by Corporation for National Community Service, “research demonstrates that volunteering leads to better health… those who volunteer have lower mortality rates, greater functional ability, and lower rates of depression later in life than those who do not volunteer.” From volunteering at the local humane society, gardening in the local community garden or serving meals at your local soup kitchen, there are many ways to give back to the local community.

Exercise Your Brain

While it is important to get in the recommended 150 minutes of exercise per week, don't forget that keeping the brain active is equally essential. According to HelpGuide.Org, the more that you exercise your mind, the better it will work. Try picking up the daily crossword puzzle or the latest Sudoku. Senior learning classes are also a great way to keep minds active and alert and most community colleges offer free classes for seniors.

Learn a New Skill or Pick Up a New Hobby

It’s never too late to learn a new skill or hobby. Whether it’s knitting, playing bocce ball or mahjongg, there’s an activity for everyone. Exercises such as tai chi, water aerobics, yoga or Pilates can help control weight, build muscle and improve posture, balance and mood. 

Social, intellectual, spiritual, physical, medical, and emotional wellness are important aspects of life at Regency Pointe Senior Living. Residents have ample opportunity to get involved in our comprehensive wellness programs. By implementing these three easy New Year’s resolutions, seniors will be on their way to a happier and healthier 2017.

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